7 Best Backpacking Cots Lightweight

If you are a camper then you certainly try to find some comfortable ways of camping. One of the most important elements for a satisfied camper is a good sleep.

That leads us to choose from many sleeping cots. Here won’t be mentioned sleeping pads because they are uncomfortable comparing to cots.

It is always more comfortable to sleep separated from the ground and we’ll get that comfort choosing a backpacking cot. We are not talking about regular cots. These cots are stackable and light to carry around.

Why someone needs a foldable lightweight cot?

If you decide to go camping you know that you will carry everything on your back. So, it is logical that you will try to carry the least possible number of things and if you have to take something you’ll bring the lightest version of the product. On the other side, you want to be comfortable during the camping period. Laying on the ground is not the best possibility and you have big chances to wake up more tired than you went to sleep. You’ll feel every stone and roughness during the night and there are also bugs crawling under you (not a lot, but here and there several have decided to sleep in your tent).Now, tell me, how to manage those two things?

The solution lies on foldable lightweight cots (and other practical things, but in this article, we’re talking about cots). Fortunately, there isn’t just one cot on the market at the moment. We give you seven slightly different sleeping cots, their performance, pros, and cons, and the most important thing- we will tell you the exact price of each of them.

Let’s begin!

Helinox Cot Lite

Helinox cot lite is the lightest type of cot on the market at the moment. It weighs only 2,8 pounds (1,3 kg). It is also very practical and small when it is packed- 53x13cm (20,9×5,1 in).This is totally foldable cot what makes it one of the first choices for hikers and campers. Carry bag is included so you do not have to worry about how to carry and pack it.One more good thing for hikers and campers is that this cot, when folded, require little space what makes it extra practical.When we talk about setup- it doesn’t require any extra tools and it is relatively easy. Construction is very stable and safe for use. This cot support 120kg (265 pounds) of weight but it is recommended for persons under 75 kg in favor of comfort. It will separate you from the ground for 13 cm.If we want to find one negative thing about this cot then it can be the size. This cot is relatively small.You can find this cot on the internet for 250$.
Yahill Ultralight Folding Portable Cot

This model actually has two versions: Original and New and they’re totally different. The structure is similar like on the cot above but there are some differences in the weight, dimension and permissible load.The Original model is ultra- light and totally foldable. Those two performances mean that it is portable what every outdoor lover like to hear.This model has ring- shaped legs and extra reinforcement for heavier people, but still, loading limit is 100kg (220 pounds). Setting this cot up will take you some extra time but you do not need some extra tool for it. When founded, the size of the package is 41 x 12cm (16 x 4,7 in) and it weighs only 1,36 kg (3 lb). The minus for this model goes because it is small and not comfortable for tall people, but the price makes the balance. It cost only 63$.The New model of this cot will cost you few more dollars, the exact amount is 93$, but still, this price rates it into a group of affordable cots. This model, unlike the Original, is simpler to set up and something bigger but still not big enough for tall people. Its whole construction is something heavier (4,73 lb/ 2,15 kg) but it can carry heavier people too. Load limit is 120kg (264 lb).

Thermarest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot

This model is somehow specific because it comes with a tent in package and both, the tent and the cot weighs just 2,66 kg. What’s more interesting is that you can use it separately. In case you go for a long route and need just a cot ( and fewer weighs on your back) you can take it without tent. Both of them fit in small package what is one more advantage of this model.Construction of the cot is similar to the Yahill Ultralight Folding Portable Cot (Original) but you should know that Thermarest patented this type of cot construction under the name BowFrame Technology.Setup process takes something longer, but when you learn how to do it you’ll need just 3 minutes without any tool. Load limit for this cot is 325 lbs but they made it very short for an unknown reason. That is the only minus for this model.You can find it on the market between 140 and 240 $.

Thermarest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot

This model is quite similar to previous UltraLite cot. It also has BowFrame Technology. The advantage of this model is that it comes in three different sizes and everyone can pick it according to his height, unlike by other models where the main problem was the length of the cot.Depending on the size the weight of the cot is between 1,62 and 2,01 kgs what means this cot is very good to carry in a backpack.Like for the previous when you once figure it out you’ll need only three minutes to set it up and you can enjoy your sleeping. It is interesting to say that for this model is designed deluxe carry bag. Buying this cot you’ll be very fancy and be having something practical.Price is about 200$, depending which store or site you’re visiting.

Big Agnes Helinox Cot One V2

This model is upgraded version of Big Agnes Helinox Cot One. That means with this model we become a high quality, weight- light, foldable and only 2 kg (4,4lb) heavy cot. This is a dream for every outdoor lover.Unlike the previous models, setup for this is very easy and no equipment is needed. Like a bonus, the producer has built in shock cords so everyone is safe on this cot and you can not lose any of the pieces.This product can be bought for 300 $. Maybe this sounds expensive, but for this performance, it is a really reasonable price. If we want to find any negative site for this cot then, let it be the price. Second for what we can blame designers and producers of this cot, is the length. This model like many before is too short if you’re a tall person, but if you’re a heavy person then this is ideal for you because the load limit is 145 kg (320lb).Alps Mountaineering Ready Lite CotThis model can boast of solid and strong construction. It is relatively heavier than others but it is long enough and has

Alps Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot

This model can boast of solid and strong construction. It is relatively heavier than others but it is long enough and has load limit of 136 kg (300 lb). This is ideal cot for bigger people.It is perfectly collapsible and portable but maybe not totally comfortable for long walks because the weight of this cot is 2,18 kg (4,8 lb).The stability of this model contributes five leg bars. Besides all of the pros, there is one more. This construction will separate you from the ground for 19 cm what makes it suitable for all types of ground and every year season.All that comfort will cost you 163 $.Helinox Cot MaxThe

Helinox Cot Max

The last model we will represent in this article is one of the expensive but also one of the most comfortable especially for tall and big people. With strong construction, the weight of 2,7 kg (5,9 lb) and surface from 210 x 75 cm it is still surprising that it is foldable intosmall carry bag.Maybe it is not for carrying in the backpack but if you have a vehicle to put the cot in until you set the tent then you should buy it.It is very easy to setup and you won’t lose too much time on it.The price is going from 140 to 400 $ but if you want comfort and stability 16 cm above the ground it is worth it.

At the end, we can’t tell which of these products is the best possible choice. It depends on what are you looking for, how much money you’re ready to give and do you need lighter or more comfortable version of the cot.In any case, you have a lot of quality choices and we hope you’ll enjoy using it.