Best Camping Cot Outdoor – How to choose?

Every one of us is excited when it comes to camping. We are thrilled by thought we will spend several nights in nature far away from the everyday routine, job, and business calls, but when we start packing there are new problems.

How to put together light packing and comfort, especially when it comes to sleeping equipment?

There is a bunch of options out there and we ask ourselves how to choose wisely and what to think about during the choosing process.

The most important thing is good sleep. Good sleep is the key to satisfaction and good mood. Because of that, in this article we give you some tips which cot to pick depending are you traveling by your car or you have to reach your destination walking, your height and weight, your desire for comfort and many other factors.

Why is choosing the right cot so important?

There are many types and models of cots on the market. These products are not so cheap to buy them frequently. You will buy it once, eventually twice in your life, so you must think of everything and pick the right one, putting price and comfort in one package.
The market offers you the heavier and the lighter ones.

In general, the heavier ones are much more comfortable, but not very practical for carrying around. If you have a car to reach your destination then feel free to choose the heavy one. If you’re a hiker or outdoor lover who is walking most of her/his routes and you carry everything in your backpack then your choice definitely will be the lighter version of the cot. They are less comfortable but very practical to carry.

You will also be able to choose between different frames, fabrics, and designs. We will represent you some of those models later in the text. Before you go to camping always need to know the bear facts and safety tips

Pros and cons of camping cots

Camping cots are not the only solutions on the market. There are also hammocks, sleeping bags, air beds, foam pads, sleeping pads and many other products.
Camping cots are good for many reasons but have their bad sides too.

We can freely say that they are the best option for camping when it comes to comfort. Sleeping in the cot, you are separated from the ground. That gives you some kind of isolation. When it is too hot you have space between you and the ground to circulate the air. In winter case you are above the ground for 12 cm and you won’t feel cold from it. Sleeping in the cot you are also protected from all kinds of insect who crawl on the ground. And in the need of more space, there is space between cot and the ground to storage any kind of equipment or other stuff.

Talking about negative sides related to using cots there are just one or two. So, we have already mentioned the problem with portability of the cot. If you have a car or you choose the lighter version this problem disappear. Another problem is bad isolation during the cold night but it can be resolved by picking a good sleeping bag with good isolation.

On what to pay attention to?

As we said there are many performances to think about during picking the cot. We have them all in the table, making the easiest way for you to see them all and use the table during your shopping session.

Size: Width of the cot is 25“ while length is 75“. For taller people, there are some longer models to choose.Size Width of the cot is 25“ while length is 75“. For taller people, there are some longer models to choose.

Weight: Maybe the most important thing is the weight of the cot. They come in wide range of weights, from 2 to 20 pounds. When you choose the cot you have made a good decision about weight and your needs on camping.

Setting up the cot: Some models are very easy to setup while the others are something more complicated. It all depends on the structure of the cot. In any case for all set ups, you have tutorials. What you need to decide is, are you ready to spend more or less time setting up your cot on camping.

Portability: We have already mentioned this fact. It depends on having a vehicle or not, do you hike or just camping, how far is from your car to camping place and many other factors. Portability depends on weight and possibility to pack the cot in a small package. The light version is foldable and smaller when it’s packed.

Fabric: Picking the right fabric is also very important. It needs to be light and cleanable. The best choice is polyester or eventually nylon. On the other side try to avoid cotton which is heavy and hard to clean.

Comfort: This is already mentioned. Bigger and heavier cots are more comfortable. On the other hand, comfort is not such a good friend to smaller cots, but still smaller are comfortable enough for shorter camping period.

The best 5 cots for camping

In the end, we made the list of camping cots. We made for you one more table where are all important information for the process of choosing the right cot for you.

Coleman Pack-Away Cot with Side TableColeman Pack-Away Cot with Side Table

Main characteristics:

-Steel frame
-Max hight 6 ft 8 in
-Weight load: 300 lbs
-Side table


-Extra wide
-Steel durable frame
-Polyester made easy cleaning


-Fabric is not long lasting
-Uncomfortable for longer sleeping

Coleman Comfort Smart Cot


Main characteristics

-Comfortable mattress (made of foam)
-Coil suspension system
-Steel frame
– Weight load: 275 lbs
-Max hight 5 ft 7 in


-Super comfortable
-Foldable and easy to unfold
-Easy cleaning


-Not so wide
-Cannot wash the mattress

Aluminum Portable Folding Camping Bed & Cot


Main characteristics

-Aluminum frame
-75 inches lenght/25 inches width
– Weight load: 260 lbs


-Long enough for tall people
-Foldable and portable


-Not so durable as steel frame
-Connection problems

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot


Main characteristics

-Steel leg construction
-Ply canvas top


-Easy setup
-Suitable for big people
-Easy to clean


-Not easy to carry around if you do not have a car

Kam-Rite Oversize Kwik Cot


Main characteristics

-Surface 84“ x 33“
-equiupped with 2 pouches for storraging things
– Weight load: 400 lbs
-Can be folded to smaller cot


-Easy setting up
-XXL size with possibility to fold it to smaller size


-Not so portable as lighter versions of cots