Camper Supplies List for Family – Best Tips!

Camping is very joyful and interesting activity, but if you go with the whole family and you have little kids then camping can be really overwhelming. Kids always have some extra wishes or it can happen that in whole that mess of packing you forget some essentials and ruin a perfect weekend because of one small but important thing.

In order to avoid stressful situations, making mistakes and forgetting stuff, the best possible resolution is to plan everything before camping.

Sometimes planning takes too much time and if it is your first time going camping it is hard to organize everything without any help. It can be that you just have no idea where to start and what to bring.

There are many things which need to be planned and in this article, we have arranged that in several chapters for you. At first, we will start with planning and then with listing the things you need.

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Set a destination

The destination is one of the most relevant factors if we want everything to be good and satisfying. Why is that? If you choose a good location which is suitable families to stay, then you have done half a job but if you choose other destination where children will have trouble moving or all of you may have trouble to set a tent, preparing food or having some social activities then it will be one big frustration whole time. So pick your destination wisely. To gather some basic information you can ask friends if they were there, ask people on the internet portal or google it.

Make a plan (set a date)

Besides the destination, the date is important. You have to think about the temperature and weather condition. According to that, you’ll pick the food which you’ll bring to the camping. You’ll pick the clothes and the gear. Checking the weather is also important to decide would you go on that date in the first place. What is the point of going camping if there are big chances to rain the whole time?Also, if you set a date you will have enough time to prepare everything before you go and won’t be in a hurry.

Invite some friends

If you wish for you and your kids to have a good company in some interesting and new environment then camping is an ideal opportunity to do that. This is a win win combination for you as a parent and your kids. You and your partner will spend some quality time with other adults and your kids will spend time with other kids, will have more activities on their own and you’ll have more time to rest. If you choose the right company this camping trip will be one to remember for a long time.Equipment is

Equipment is important

If the camping represents the vehicle, then the equipment is the engine. You will need it and you will need it a lot. When you go with kids you have to think of every detail. Once you are in the wild or on the camping place where you do not have a store near you or any other source of equipment you will regret why you did not bring the whole house with you (or just the thing your kid is asking for).Below you can find the list of equipment you need for camping.

Food is more important (especially when you are with kids)

Besides camping gear, there is the whole arsenal of cooking gear you will need to take with yourself to camping. Kids will have many ideas what to eat, especially after playing or wandering whole day. What is more important bringing them their favorite food, something sweet and most important something healthy, but what will give them the energy they need.Try to pack practical packages and a half or totally prepared food. Why? To make yourself easier. You won’t spend whole time camping trying to cook in front of the tent. This camping time is also for you, to relay, hike, wander, lay in the sun, exploring and many other things besides cooking. So bring some meat and vegetable in cans. Fish in cans is also a good idea. Make some sandwiches. They are very practical during the trip at least the first day.If you are not a person who likes food from cans then you’ll have to plan meals for next several days. After buying all groceries you need for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner you’ll have to plan every meal and prepare it (every preparing except the cooking or baking, basically everything except the thermal treatment) and put it in the portable fridge. In the camping place, everything you need to do before eating is to put it out of the fridge and finish your preparation in several minutes.

Below is the list of everything that you need. It is enough to go through this list. If you check the whole list (or those items you use in your regular life) you will be prepared at the time and we hope to have a great camping trip with your family and friends.

Camping gear

•    Tent, poles, stakes

•    Extra canopy

•    Sleeping bags (for the whole family)

•    Sleeping pads (for the whole family)

•    Set of repair kit

•    Pillows and blankets

•    Chairs

•    Headlamps

•    Lamp

•    Clothes for whole family (day time and sleeping clothes)

•    Swimsuits

•    Raincoat

•    Shoes (for hiking, slippers)

•    Warm clothes in case of cold nights or cold weather

•    Gloves and hatsPersonal items

•    Sunscreen

•    First- aid kit

•    soap

•    Toothbrush, toiletries

•    Basic medicaments

•    InsecticidesOther

•    Camera

•    Maps and reservation from camp

•    Toys for kids

•    Pet kit (if you have a pet)

Have a good time!