Tent Cot Wanted? Top 3 + Buyer’s Guide

Who does not like camping? The answer is no one. Everyone loves to get out of the busy city life. To get out of all the noise and spend quality time with friends, family or either alone. The quality of sleep is important especially during an outdoor camping trip. It is important that you do not compromise your sleep by choosing a low quality tent cot. In this article I will give an overview of some of the best tent cots, that you can buy if you want to camp alone or together as couple.
KampRite Double Tent Cot
Personally I will recommend this camping tent cot, if you are just looking for camping with that special person who you like to spend time with. KampRite has been developed for two people.
It has a mesh on all windows and doors, which acts as a ventilation system. The mesh allows fresh air to run in and out of the tent without risk of bugs and creatures getting inside the tent. The cot has been designed with this amazing tech that makes it versatile in terms of use as it allows you to convert it to a normal cot style or even just to lounge chair, this makes it a typical tent for any family.
Provides 11 inches of floor space.
Have you ever had a bad experience while in the camp? This might be simply because you had to wake up in the middle of the night, just to move your tent to a different location simply because it was raining and the ground was damp or the place you build your tent was filled with bugs. This kind of tent solves all that, you will be 11 inches above the ground. If you value your family and you wouldn’t comprise their safety then you should consider buying this cot.
KampRite Double Tent Cot is strong and sturdy with heavy clips that connect the tent to the ears of rafters which shows you the great quality of this tent.
Another great feature of this cot is that you will not need extra help setting it up as it is designed to ensure easy set up. This makes it one of the best tent as when you out camping you would not want to carry something that will give you any hard time


If you plan camping in cold weather, you may need to buy extra padding because the nylon sleeping area in this tent will not be enough to give the necessary heat and comfort you like.
No cup holders or side table.


KampRite –Oversize- camping Cradle
If you are looking for a camping cot that will not be a problem to put it up or take it down, then the KampRite cot is the tent you should consider buying. You can set it up or dismantle this tent cot within seconds.
A lot of space.
Versatility: Can be used as a single bed, chair or in an emergency circumstances as a bed to carry an injured person.
Quick and easy assembly and dismantling.
Full protection from elements and maximum comfort enjoyed.
Stable and robust design. The cot has four legs both which are very strong, hence your cot stability is guaranteed.
It is spacious: the sides are almost vertical, and that gives a lot more volume in the tent, compared to other typical tent cots
Easy access to the interior and exterior of the tent: designed with two doors on the long sides and two large windows with zippers on both sides. These openings can be used as doors or windows.
The tent roof is low

KampRite original size bed tent
Original format KampRite Tent Cot appeared on the market in 1999 with the original village crib, which was a success from the beginning. It is the world-renowned product Kamp Rite and was established as the company’s largest manufacturer of these tools. This bed tent is big enough for most people. In fact, there is enough space that you can literally stretch when you are seated inside, but you cannot stand while inside. When folded, 32 KampRite Tide car size x 30 x 6 and weighs only 18 pounds, it is easy to carry around. The windows and doors have a mesh screen so you will be able to get fresh breeze while you are inside, plus the mesh keeps the bugs out of the cot.
Complete protection against the elements. It is completely water resistant, with openings on all four sides, and with mesh protection against insects in all openings.
Very comfortable with lots of space inside. The way the frames of this cot has been designed makes the wall almost completely vertical, so it has a lot of volume in the tent.
Very easy to set up
Stable and robust. It is given a distance of 11 inches from the ground. It is good, for various reasons, such as ground wetness and bugs.
The bed has two legs only. This works, but stability is not perfect
Low tent roof

Beginners Guide
First it is important to check if the tent cot you want is in stock? If not, are you willing to wait for it? Make sure you know if your choice will be shipped and delivered to you this is key to knowing how much you will have to spend.
Do a thorough search online by looking at the customer’s review of the tent cot as this will give you more crucial information about the product. Note that those who bought the product will always share their experience openly online.
Do not forget to check the conditions. Is the delivery guaranteed and will they assist you when you have a problem? You will need to buy a product from a reputable company and those that you can still get back too in case you have a complaint or need further assistance.
The three camping tent cots are all ideal for camping, so which one to choose depends on deciding how you want to use it, or where and with whom you are going to camp with. So just do a thorough comparison of the three and pick your best-camping tent cot among them. I guarantee that whichever you decide to pick you will surely enjoy the experience plus the comfort you will get once you inside these tent cots.